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Equipment and facilities

Thermal cycler devices (Corbett) (Real time-PCR)
Thermal cycler devices (ABI)
Microplate Reader devices (Epoch-Biotech)
Gel Doc devices (UVitec)
 Shaking incubator (Pars Examiner)
Household 70- (New Brunswick Scientific)
Sartorius ten-thousandth truck
Refrigerated centrifuge (Hettich)
Laminar hood of hoarfrost equipment
Inverted microscope (Motic)
Rotary (Iran Pkv)
Ben Murray (Pars Examiner)
CO2 incubator (Germany memmert)
Electroporation (Swiss Lonza)
Optical microscope (Germany Leitz)
Fluorescent microscope (Leica)
Autoclave (Iran Zaim medicine)
Nitrogen tank (MVE)