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S1: Diversification strategy related research fields, the main lines of research




S2: Strategy designed to map the physical development and launch of


new segments related


S3: Strategy study of programming in three steps: short-term and medium-term


and long-term use of existing facilities and absorption of new facilities to


carry out implementation plans in order to earn


S4: Strategic long-term planning to equip the center and research relevant new


   time faculty 


S5: Recruitment Strategy full


S6: Short-term strategies related training courses in fields related research


Strategic goals


S1G1: The diversity and attractiveness of related research institute's main lines to


attract young, talented and creative researchers


S2G1: Physical development and launch of new segments to expand the scope of


research related


S3G1: Planning for maximum use of existing facilities and attract new ones and B


S3G2: Income and financial self-reliance through applied research


Critical success factors


1.According to the ethics and principles of research


2.The utilization of equipment and modern technologies


3.The motivation of faculty, researchers, staff


4.Creating flexible and dynamic structure


5.The recognized loss


6. Field-related research, engaging and purposeful